Acrylic FCOs for Aryzta in Stockton, CA

Customer: Aryzta
Location: Stockton, California
Project: Acrylic FCOs

aryztaAcrylic FCOs are flat pieces of acrylic that have been cut or routed out of a sheet of material, hence their name, acrylic flat cut outs, or FCOs, which they are known as in the industry. A machine called a router cuts out letters or shapes from a sheet of 1/2 inch acrylic material. You can use other thicknesses of material depending on the size of your project, but the most common sizes you will find are 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. Once the letters are cut out, they are sanded and painted to match any color. Vinyl graphics are also an option and can applied directly to the faces of the letters or logo shapes. As the letters are being produced, holes are also drilled into the back of the letters where studs are placed for installation. During the installation process, the area where the sign is going to be placed is drilled out using a pattern to show where the stud holes are. The pattern is then ripped away, leaving an area with holes to match where the letters will be placed using the studs to hold them. Finally, silicone is applied as an adhesive to keep the letters attached for extra support.

There is a small exception to installing FCOs, and that is 1/4″ letters. They are too small for studs, so they are only applied with adhesive tape on the back. This tape is very similar to standard double sided tape one might find at a grocery store. Most FCO sets are installed flush to the wall, which means there is no space between the letters and the wall. However, sometimes they can be installed with spacers that float the letters off of the wall by about 1/2 inch. This is not the standard way to install, however, it is common for smaller letters and logos.

For this particular project, City Signs was contracted by a third party to install a set of 1/2 inch thick acrylic FCOs at Aryzta, a baked goods company in Stockton, CA. These letters were shipped to us fully produced and we did the installation while coordinating with the third party sign company who hired us. These FCOs were installed fairly high up in a stairwell on location at Aryzta. A sign this high up indoors can either be installed using ladders or, if space is permitting, a scissor lift which is rented and delivered on site to us for use. Click the image to the left to see our FCO installation at Aryzta up close!

Is your business interested in the possibility of using Acrylic FCOs? Please give us a call at City Signs today [209.549.2412] and we can give you more details and information about the best sign option for you!