Atwater , CA – Custom Sign Company : Outdoor Sign Packages for Restaurants

Restaurants are centerpieces of community life. They are where we go to celebrate, to fellowship, and to fulfill cravings. There are such a wide variety of options in the food industry to choose from, and you want your location to stand out from the masses. It is not enough in today’s society to have great food and service. You need to be known for these things. The best way to do that is with a comprehensive marketing product package featuring all the tools that make their mark in consumer’s minds.

Marketing Options

The first step in running any successful business is to make yourself known in your community. With a well designed sign you wont have to worry about identifying your restaurant in your community. Your sign should not only attract the attention of the public but you should also own a sign that you love and will proudly display on your storefront. A couple sign options that wont go unnoticed include:

  • Pole Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Building Signs
  • Marquees
  • Post and Panel Signs
  • LED Signs
  • And More!

Regulatory Options


Once your customers have walked through your doors you should keep in mind displaying essential regulatory information needed to know. Some examples of of sign options that are modern and great for this occasion include wall signs, hanging signs, and window graphics. regulatory information that is important to display includes:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Contact Details
  • Employee Only Areas
  • Reward Services
  • Employee Safety Instructions
  • And more!

Directory Options

It is also important to display comprehensive navigational information to any guest. Navigational information includes signs that display entrances and exists, restroom signs, and waiting areas. By incorporating this information in your restaurant your guests will feel comfortable and informed.

All signs lend a hand in the delivery of information to your guests. We can make them modern and fun, classically professional, or even up to par with ADA codes. When you are looking for custom signs to elevate your restaurant standards – trust in our experts! Call today at 209.229.2220.