Berkeley, CA – Building Sign Installation for Chipotle

We get plenty of calls from businesses who already have a sign made but need somebody with the necessary expertise to install it. Nationwide franchises manufacture their signs in bulk to keep costs down and ensure brand consistency. One such franchise is Chipotle Mexican Grill, the restaurant food chain. They recently wanted us to install a ready-made, illuminated business sign for their new food outlet in North Berkeley. Our installation technicians have the necessary electrical skills and we were delighted to help out.

As you can see from the photo, the Chipotle panel sign is designed with white sans-serif channel letters mounted on a dark red plaque. Beside it is Chipotle’s trademark chili motif designed as a separate channel sign mounted on a black plaque. When the panel sign is lit, the effect is stunning and draws in passersby.

Chipotle is a popular chain of Mexican grill outlets established in five countries. They specialize in providing tacos and burritos made only from nutritious, natural grown ingredients. If you like spicy, tasty food, you’ll find Chipotle’s menu will have something you’ll enjoy.

Most business signs are mounted above the front entrance, and the Chipotle sign was no different. We got our guys in place using our sturdy bucket truck. The channel letters are front-lit and made from white acrylic. Low-voltage LEDs inside the letters provide the illumination. Once we had the sign attached level, we were able to connect the panel sign wiring to an electrical junction behind the wall.

City Signs are always available for sign installation jobs. It often benefits the customer to manufacture their signs centrally or in-house, and get a local sub-contractor to install them. The customer just pays to courier the sign and he or she can shop around for the best sign contractors in the area. There’s no need to keep an expensive installation team on the payroll. When a sign needs to be fitted, one call is all it takes.

If you have a sign that needs fitting, give us a call during business hours on 209.229.2220. We can book you a sign installation at a time that suits you, and also answer any questions that you might have. We work throughout much of California and can install signs on a wide range of buildings.