CA, Modesto – Cabinet and LED Display Board for Capistrano Elementary School

We received a call from the Capistrano Elementary School in Modesto, CA. Although they already had a sign located at the entrance to the school, they were looking for something more modern; a sign that announced the name of the school and provided much needed, easy-to-read information as well. We came out to see where the sign would be located and made the following recommendation: a new illuminated cabinet plus LED display board would be the perfect choice.

In the image, you can see how our finished sign is living up to everything we promised. The school’s name is prominently displayed above the black display board with the school logo set off to the left of the school name. Clean lettering and letters large enough to read catch your eye first. A very modern sign, for sure, but with an old-fashioned twist.

The Capistrano Elementary School, in Modesto, CA houses students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Their dedicated teachers and staff are there to provide each child with a rigorous academic education and a safe learning environment. As they grow, children need the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for success that they receive from Capistrano Elementary. It is devoted to learning for all students.

Once we knew what type of a sign would be used for the school’s exterior, we went to work. The new illuminated sign cabinet with LED display board would be mounted to the wall. We used a 12” deep aluminum construction sign cabinet, painted to match in black. The letters for the school name were white acrylic with vinyl overlays and the graphics were printed on 3M translucent with 8519 laminate. For the LED board, the display size was 8′ 4.7” x 2′ 1.1”. The board itself is Xtreme-16 40 x 160 1R1G1B. The display board is also a 16mm full-color board, which is dimmable. Hardwired, it is controlled by the time clock. Now, all important, timely school information can be displayed for everyone to see.

The nice feature of the display board is that the full-color 16mm display is controllable. This makes the  sign not only easy to use but easy to read and to see everything that is being displayed.

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