CA, Stockton – Polished Brass Dimensional Letters and Interior Dimensional Letter Set for New American Funding

We have been creating and installing new signs for many local businesses in Stockton, so we were happy when New American Funding contacted us about some signage at their new location. It’s always a pleasurable challenge for us to recommend the best signage we can for outdoor and indoor locations, and after seeing where they were located, we suggested polished brass dimensional letters for the monument sign, outdoors and indoors, we saw how nice an interior dimensional letter set would look on their wall.

As to how the sign turned out, just take a look at the image. The polished brass dimensional letters stand out nicely from the brick work of the large monument sign. The monument sign itself is rather imposing, and there are other companies already listed on it, but everyone is seen and our dimensional letters are clear. The interior dimensional letter set is offset nicely on the wall inside the building. Dimensional letters are definitely the way to go here.

Your new American mortgage starts at New American Funding. Located near the Sherwood Mall in Stockton, they offer clients a wealth of knowledge and experience as a national lender. They offer all types of loans, some conventional, and others that are fairly new, like reverse mortgages. Whatever you are looking for, VA, FHA, jumbo, fixed-rate, cash-out, and more, contact them to have them tell you all about it. They can be reached at 209-627-1268.

Because we were working with a monument sign already in place outdoors, we started with 3/8” thick polished letters that were stud-mounted there. For the interior sign, we used 1/4”-thick flat-cut aluminum letters and logo, all of which were brushed finished and clear-coated. These, too, were stud- mounted and patterned.

No matter what you are saying when you say it with polished brass dimensional letters, you just can’t go wrong. There is such a nice classic look that dimensional letters bring to any type of sign you want. The brushed finish makes the whole thing that much more attractive. You want people to notice your signs without them being overbearing or brash. With polished brass dimensional lettering, you don’t have that problem.

For over 20 years, we at City Signs in Modesto have been creating all kinds of signs for all kinds of businesses. Contact us today at 209-220-2220 to talk with us about your next sign idea. We can make it happen for you.