Central Valley, CA – Graphics and Vinyl for Cars

A vehicle can advertise in more than one location, from streets to the freeway. Whether you’re trying to get more customers or have your company vehicles branded, City Signs can help! We can help design, create and install your car graphics.


First, you’ll have a meeting with one of our designers. City Sign designers have years of professional experience in designing and customer service. They will design the graphics and help you get one step closer to your dream graphics. They will review with you the overall image you have in mind, the color schemes and the potential placement of where the graphics will go.


Next, the design will enter production. At production, the graphics will be adjusted to the desired size and have the cut outline. The outline helps the production team cut out your design without ruining the edges.


Lastly, once your graphics are done, we’ll notify you to bring your vehicle. You can also ask for our installers to head over to install the graphics.


Car Graphics for Mid Valley Engineering

For example, City Sign applied the graphics for Mid Valley Engineering (MVE). MVE is a full-service consulting firm that started in 1969. The graphics for their help display their logo, website and services they provide. As they drive to different areas with the truck, potential customers will see them and can take pictures to save their information for later.

Van graphics for Hugon Construction

Another example of graphics that we helped with are the graphics of Hugon Construction’s van. Hugon Construction is a company that helps with home improvement, fire and water damage restoration and mold remediation. The graphics that Hugon got installed display their phone number, their services and their license number. This van helps Hugon find prospective clients. It also allows for the locals in the area to always have Hugon in mind. If a family is in need of assistance for home improvement, your company will be the first one to cross their minds because they see your logo whenever they’re out on the road.

Other Graphics and Vinyl

Vehicle graphics are not limited to advertising. You can have car graphics to different your vehicle. We can create fire flame graphic and even heart graphics.

Door Vinyl for CPA David K. McCoy

Vinyl is not limited to cars, they can also be placed on your doors! The image above is door vinyl we helped create and install for CPA, David K. McCoy. His door vinyl helps his business have a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. The sleek design is also appealing to the eye.


If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please let call us at 209.229.2220