Central Valley, CA – Illuminating Signs for Stores

Imagine, you’re driving at night, looking for a store or restaurant. You see one store with a bright sign. It stands out from the surrounding darkness. It’s hard for stores to stand out at night time without light. A sign that shines bright receives the attention of potential customers. An illuminating sign also lets people know that your business is open and ready to service.

Different Illumination Types

There’s different types of illuminating signs like face lit, halo lit, neon and illuminated cabinets.

Pan Channel Letters/Face Lit

First, face lit signs are signs that have inner illumination. The letter of the signs are lit themselves. These types of signs usually consist of channel letters that have LEDs inside.

Face Lit Channel Letter Set for Little Diamond’s Pizza

For example, Little Diamond’s Pizza’s sign is a face lit channel letter set. City Signs helped create and install this sign. The sign lets customers know that it’s open for business and attracts attention at night.

Reverse Pan Channel Letters/ Halo Lit

Second, reverse pan channel letter signs illuminate from behind the sign. They give a “halo” look (thus the nickname: halo lit).

Face Lit and Halo Lit

Signs can have a combination of face and halo lit. The bright illumination would make your sign stand out for miles.

Face and Halo Lit – Uno Chicago Grill

Illuminated Cabinet

Third, an illuminated cabinet is a sign that has a box like look.

Illuminated cabinet for Datapath

Illuminated cabinets have to be welded to the desired size before getting LEDs.

Relevant Information

Wireways and Raceways

Wireways and raceways help the electrical components of a sign be hidden from public view. Raceways also help with mounting the sign on the wall.

Veranda – Face/Halo Illuminated Channel Letters on Wireway

For example, we created a wireway for the sign Veranda. The wireway is the grayish/silver portion of the sign. Inside the wireway, all the electrical components are hidden away. This result in a clean look for the sign.


At City Signs, we ensure that all our signs are ULed. UL stands for underwriters laboratories. It’s a safety certification company that enforces safety, sustainability, quality and more. All illuminated signs at City Signs follows UL regulations.


City Signs does provide maintenance services for illumination signs.  LEDs and internal power supplies can wear out. A simple call can make it shine like new. We have a page on illumination that has more information.


If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please contact us at 209.229.2220.