Central Valley, CA – Monument Signs for Businesses to Stand Out

Monument signs are a great way to stand out and add a level of professionalism to your building. Monument signs also allow for a lot of creativity because it can include graphics, FCOs, masonry and more.

Example of Monuments Signs by City Signs


The image above illustrates a monument sign that we created at City Signs. The sign has beautiful graphics that displays the business logo and name. It also guides customers to the parking area while looking professional. This sign also includes masonry. Masonry refers to the bottom portion of the sign made of bricks.


Another monument sign that City Signs created was for Riverbank Apartments. Riverbank Apartments’ sign also includes FCOs and has tex-coat paint. Tex-coat paint gives texture to monuments and adds an earthlier tone.


Monument signs also help to stand out from a variety of other businesses in the same complex. For example, Fumi Sushi is a part of plaza but having a monument sign, makes it stand out from the other businesses there.

More Signs and Services from City Signs

At City Signs, we provide a variety of signs like:

  • Channel Letters
  • FCOs
  • Cabinets
  • ADA Signs
  • And more!

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a type of sign that stands out day and night. It provides the option of illumination if the building is equipped with the electrical components. Channel letters let customers be very creative with their design through its use of vinyl.


FCOs (flat cut out letters) are signs made of ½” acrylic and are usually painted. The option to apply graphics on FCOs are also available. FCOs tend to be a more cost-friendly option while still giving a professional look to a building.


Cabinets are a great option if you want illumination and a sign that can easily change. Cabinet refers to the containers holding the panels, inside cabinets are LEDs that allow for illumination at night. If you want to change your logo or name of your business, you can just swap out the panel inside the cabinet. It’s a very convenient sign and allows for versatility.

We also provide a variety of other services like:

  • Sign repair
  • Sign removal
  • Sign design
  • Door vinyl
  • Car graphics
  • And more!

If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please contact us at (209)229-2220