Central Valley, CA – Signs for Bakeries and Ice Cream Shops

Bakeries and ice cream shops are a place of sweets and happiness. They bring memories of delicious smells and joy. From brownies to rocky road ice cream, these types of stores are places of bliss.

However, even these types of stores need signs to let customers know where they are. Signs that stand out and call out to potential customers. At City Signs, we can help design, create and install your sign.

Storefront Signs

First, a storefront sign is needed. Your signs can be given illumination or have a halo effect. At City Signs, we can make many signs like:

Front Sign for Smallcakes

For example, we helped create and install a sign for a store called Smallcakes. Smallcakes is a bakery that makes delicious cupcakes! A sign like Smallcakes’ is referred to as a face lit channel letter set. This means that the sign has a “pop out” look that can shine from within the sign. The burgundy color of the sign makes potential customers think of red velvet cupcakes and entices them to enter the store. The sign itself lets customers know that there are sweets and pastries within the store.


At City Signs, we also assist in making menus for customers to pick which treats they desire. Our signs give a polished look to your menus.

Menu Sign for Peace Love Shave Ice

For example, we helped create and install a menu for Peace Love Shave Ice. Peace Love Shave Ice is a store that serves shaved ice and this particular sign is located at Manteca, CA.

Steps for Getting a Sign or Menu


First, you will have a discussion with one of our City Signs designers. Our designers have years of experience in designing and customer service. They can guide on which type of sign would best be suited for the building. They will help your dream design be visible on paper (or the computer screen).


Second, your sign needs to get permitted. At City Signs we have a permitting specialist who will ensure your sign gets permitted by the city and/or county and that it follows guidelines.

Fabrication and/or Production

Next, our fabrication and production team will make your dream design come to life. Depending on the type of sign you choose, it can go through many phases like: channeling, prepping, building, wiring, painting and quality control.


Finally, your sign can be installed. At City Signs we have a team of professional installers who can reach high places.


If you’re interested of any of these services or have any questions, please call us at 209.229.2220