Central Valley, CA – Signs for Educational Institutions

Every student wants to be proud of their school; a school that radiates spirit and cleanliness. Parents want to drop off their kids at an educational institution that they can trust.

A sign helps students and parents know where to go and can be used to announce events. There’s different types of signs that can be used at a school. There’s monuments, flat cut out letters, paintings and more!

Monument at Central Valley High School

The sign above is a sign that we made at City Signs for Central Valley High School. Central Valley High School is a school under the Ceres Unified School District and was founded in 2004. The sign presents the name of the high school and reveals current and/or upcoming events. This sign is described as an illuminated monument sign with an LED panel.

Manteca High School

City Signs also provides painting services. City Signs will send our talented painters to your educational institution. We can paint your school’s name or create a marvelous mural. A spark of color will help your students have a happier step as they walk to their class. The picture above shows a painting we did for Manteca High School. City Signs has a professional teams of designers, permitting specialists, painters, welders and more! We can help give your school the sign it deserves, a sign that makes students have pride!

We also provide ADA signs. ADA signs can help students and faculty that are visually impaired know where they are and where to go. It’s important for all students to be accommodated and know where their accommodations are at. Our signs are tasteful looking with accurate braille.

We also provide banners. Banners can show off your school’s name at sporting events, parent-meeting conference days, and musical events.

The first step of getting started with your signs is to get in contact with one of our project managers. Along with our project managers, our designers are professional and have years of experience in customer service. They will help in designing a sign that makes your dream sign come true. They provide guidance regarding the material, the size and assist in the designs wanted.

The materials we have in stock are:

  • ACM (aluminum composite material)
  • acrylic
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • coroplast
  • MDO (medium density overlay)
  • polycarbonate (lexan)
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • And more!!!

Next, is to contact the government facility in charge of permitting the sign. City Signs has a wonderful permitting specialist the goes through the process of contacting the city and getting the appropriate paperwork for your sign so that you don’t have to!

After its permitted, it will enter into production and/or fabrication. Once fully fabricated, the installation team will contact you.

If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please call us at 209.229.2220