Central Valley, CA – Signs to Help Guide Clients Around a Large Business

Signs have multiple uses like increasing branding, adding professionalism, and helping clients find their way around large properties. Signs can be used to label different sectors of the building to decrease the chances of clients/customers/employees of getting lost.

Northside Foods

Northside Foods is a large company dedicated to your food needs, especially almond needs! Large companies have many different buildings that it can confuse a person that doesn’t know the place well. At City Signs, we help provide signs to guide people through large businesses.

For example, we helped create Northside Food’s Main Office sign. This sign helps people know that they’re arrived at the main office and can ask for help inside.

Another sign we helped create for Northside Food are their truck signs. After having a long drive, it’s best to have a clear and distinct sign for the semitruck drivers. This type of sign is referred to as a post and panel with vinyl.

We also helped create Northside Foods beautiful building sign. The sign above is referred to as FCOs. FCOs are a great option for wall signs because they allow for creativity, different sizes, colors, and shapes.

How To Get a Sign?

At City Signs, we provide a variety of signs like:

  • Panels
  • Post with Panels
  • FCOs
  • Channel Letters
  • Monuments
  • And more!


The first step of getting your signs is performing a survey. Survey refers to when one of our City Signs teams will head out to your building/property to evaluate and gather information. We collect information like frontage measurements (amount of wall space available for a sign), desired location of a sign, check electrical components, and more!


Next, your locations information will be given to a City Signs designer. Your designer will create different visual representations based on your descriptions. You can discuss which types of signs would best benefit your building, what type of graphics you want and more!


Some signs need to go through permitting. This usually depends on the location and type of sign. It’s best to check with your city/county regarding the regulations. At City Signs, we also have a permitting specialist to help guide and navigate you through the permitting process.


After all the signs are approved, they can begin in fabrication and/or production. At this stage, your sign becomes a reality. It can go through many processes like routing, welding, prepping, painting, vinyl and more.


Finally, your sign can be installed. The installation team will reach out to you and explain the process of getting your sign installed.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of the services above, please contact us at (209)229-2220