Ceres, CA – City Signs In A City Near You

City Signs has made signs for multiple cities in California. One of the cities where you can see our signs is Ceres. Ceres is a city in Stanislaus County and is about 5.9 miles away from City Signs Modesto.

Village Supply

Village Supply is a repair shop for big brands and day to day tools.

Village Supply: Acrylic FCOs

City Signs helped create and install the sign above for Village Supply . Their sign consists of acrylic flat cut out letters (FCOs).

Village Supply: ACM panel sign

Another sign we helped create was an ACM (aluminum composite material) panel with graphics.

Both signs give the impression of strength and trustworthiness. Having a sign also gives the store a professional tone and makes it feel established.

Northside Food

LED Illuminated Wireway with Push Through Northside Food

The sign above is for Northside Food and its a LED illuminated wireway with push throughs. This sign can light up because of the LEDs. The letters that look like they stand out are referred as push throughs. The box in which the letters are placed is the wireway. The wireway conceals the electrical components of the sign. This sign lets people know that they’re in the correct office and gives an official look to the place.

 Jazz It Up Nutrition

Jazz It Up Nutrition Channel Letters

One more sign we created at Ceres is Jazz It Up Nutrition’s sign. Jazz It Up Nutrition sells protein shakes, waffles, bites and energy teas. A sign like theirs is referred to as channel letters. Channel letters look like they pop out of the wall, making them stand out to potential customers.


Quickly Channel Letters on Raceway

An additional sign we created at Ceres is Quickly’s. Quickly is a boba tea shop. A sign like theirs is referred to as channel letters on a raceway. The raceway is the red line like shape behind the letters. It helps to mount the channel letters and hide the electrical components.

Getting A Sign


First, you would meet with a designer regarding the design of your sign. You’d be able to discuss with the designer how big you want the sign, the color, the shape or a specific image you had in mind. City Sign designers have years of experience in designing and customer service.


It’s important for your sign to get permitted. Permitting means that it has been approved by the county or city. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist who can assist with ensuring that your sign follows regulations and gets permitted.

Fabrication and Production

Fabrication and production is when your design get made into real life. Depending on your sign, it can go through a few phases like channeling, prepping, building, wiring, paint and quality control. All these steps help ensure that your sign is made with absolute care!


We also provide installation services. Our installation team will call you to discuss on what day and time your sign will be installed.


If you have any question or are interested in any of these services, please call us at 209.229.2220