Ceres, CA – Custom Illuminated Monument Sign For Businesses in Stanislaus County

When you are looking for a new business location it is important to keep in mind quite a few details. You would like a location that will offer a lot of visibility of your business to the street, a location that has enough space for parking to make sure customers always have parking near by, and a space that allows you to advertise. There are many ways signs can help advertise but One of the best and effective advertising methods is a monument sign.

Monument signs are great for many reasons but one of the most important is the amount of visibility this sign option offers. Monument signs are often times installed on the corner of a business or right by a driveway to help identify your business location for any new customers looking for the building and even for any potential consumers driving by. Like many sign options, monument signs are customizable which allows them to be built in many different sizes, using any artwork, logos or color combinations and they also offer the option of illumination. There are many styles to choose from that including your choice of multi-tenant or single building monument signs.

Monument signs can be for anyone and many businesses benefit from these signs. Some industries for example, include:

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Business Parks
  • Medical Centers
  • Schools
  • Movie Theaters
  • And More!

An example of a monument sign we have recently helped design, fabricate and install is for Village Supply located in Ceres, CA. This monument signs was designed as double sided and internally Illuminated with LED’s. Our team assisted in building the frame and the illuminated sign cabinet, with the masonry work was supplied by other. Using our customers existing logo we were able to design a monument style that not only looked beautiful but that also tied in with their aesthetics. When putting together a monument sign our customers have the choice of working directly with a masonry company or our team can coordinate this scope of work with our trusted masonry vendors. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help!

We are a full-service custom sign company that is invested in your complete sign satisfaction. This is from the design and fabrication all the way to the installation and maintenance. With the right team backing your new LED sign installation, you can achieve maximum sign success!

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