Ceres, CA – Full Service Sign Company: Revamping & Re-branding Existing Signs

Is your existing sign starting to look a bit tired and faded? Or maybe you are looking to re-brand you business?  If so we might have a solution for you even if you would like to update any existing signage.

We can help your business re-brand or revamp many existing signs by just “Refacing” your existing signage. A couple examples of signs often times refaced include:

  • Channel Letters – Channel letters can often times be refaced if and when your existing block letters are in a reusable and sturdy condition. Because of the way that these signs are fabricated it is possible to revamp the surface if needed due to vandalism and sun exposure causing your sign to fade.
  • Pole signs – Pole signs or freeway signs are important to keep visible to the public as these signs can be seen from afar and drive in lots of traffic to your business.
  • Cabinets – Cabinet signs are often times located on a business storefront and are known as a sign box. These sign boxes come in many different styles, shapes and sizes are very cost effective to reface.
  • Pylon Signs – Pylon signs or monument signs are typically located near the street for large shopping centers or business complexes. There are the most often reused/refaced sign around. Often times when a business expands and need more space they will move out of one suite to a bigger suite. These signs can be refaced with vinyl decals or a new panel just depending of how the pylon sign was fabricated.

Whether you would like to reuse any existing signs left behind from the previous business or if you would like to update your signs there are many different options depending on the sign. This is a cost effect method to re-brand and get your business noticed by your community!

As a full service sign company we offer services related to lighting issues in your signs, refacing and cleaning existing signage and removing any signs necessary. We make sure we communicate and update our customers from when we receive a service call to when we complete the job. We ensure we produce products that will represent our customers professionally as well as get them noticed!

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