Ceres, CA – Illuminating Capsule Signs for Local Dining Businesses

Have you considered opening a dining business in Ceres? Wondered where to get a sign that would appetize clients to enter for a quick bite? City Signs is here to help you to get a sign that will attract hungry customers, near and far!

Signs are the eyes of a business. They communicate the purpose and theme of your restaurant.

Bob’s Take-N-Bake Pizza

For example, we recently created and installed the sign for Bob’s Take-N-Bake Pizza. Bob’s Take-N-Bake Pizza serves a variety of delicious pizzas like apple desert pizza and taco pizza! Their sign also communicates that they hold mouthwatering and flavorful pizzas. The bright red makes the sign stand out to those who pass by. The graphics of the pizza makes customers think about all the rich cheese that their pizza will have when they take a bite.

Bob’s Take-N-Bake Pizza’s sign is referred to as a capsule sign. Capsule signs are a great option if you want a sign that has a lot of words but don’t want to use up a lot of wall space. Capsule signs allow for a lot of creativity since they rely on graphics.

What Are Capsule Signs?

Capsule signs are signs that are usually made of 3/16th inch acrylic for their face, returns (the sides of the sign), trim caps (what holds the face and return together) and more. Capsule signs also allow for the option of illumination. Illumination is great if you want to attract customers after sun set. Illuminating signs attract customers when they’re looking for a late or midday meal (especially during the fall and winter months).

How To Get a Capsule Sign?


At City Signs, we first perform a survey. A survey is when one of our City Signs teams goes out to your building to gather information like frontage measurements (the amount of wall space available for a sign), check your electrical components and more.


Next, your measurements will be given to a designer. A City Signs designer will give you different visual representations of your sign. At this stage, you can choose which graphics you want, what color your returns will be and more!


Permitting is an important step in getting a capsule sign. Cities and counties have regulations for signs for public safety reasons. It’s important that your sign gets permitted before commencing in the fabrication/production process. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist who can help and navigate you in the permitting process.


Soon after it’s approved in permitting, your sign will enter production/fabrication. Your sign will get routed, vinyl will be placed on the faces, and more. This is where your sign becomes a reality.


Finally, your sign is ready for installation. The installation team will call you to let you know that your sign is ready and will provide you a date.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of the services mentioned, please contact us at (209)229-2220