Coming Soon Banner for Stars & Stripes Pizza & Grill in Modesto, CA

Customer: Stars & Stripes Pizza & Grill
Location: Modesto, California
Project: Coming Soon Banner

banner1Here at City Signs, a customer-favorite project we get numerous requests for are banners. Whether they are for advertising, events or any personal project, they make a great investment for short term sign needs. Good quality banners are made from 13 ounce vinyl fabric. Banners can come in a variety of thicknesses to match different applications, but 13 ounces is the most common for a standard banner. The material is tough and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Banners can be printed in full color with any design, or vinyl graphics can be applied to them. Once printed, they are installed with screws through grommets in the material and can last one to five years outside depending on weather conditions. Indoors, they can last even longer, though in most cases they are used for short term advertising such as this most recent project we completed.

banner2Stars & Stripes Pizza & Grill needed a banner for their new location. They are currently renovating a building that was previously a Taco Bell, located on Yosemite Ave. in Modesto, CA. A banner was the ideal choice for this business so they could advertise to the area it was opening soon. This “coming soon” banner was a great way to accomplish a short term sign need and quality advertisement.

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