Concord, CA – Channel Letter Signs for Specialized Cuisine Restaurants

The food industry is a great choice to start a business if you love providing delicious meals. However, to get your business set up for success, its best to have a sign that represents your restaurant. Signs help provide marketing and show your branding. Branding is important because it lets customers know what type of restaurant you have. For example, what types of dishes does your restaurant serve and is your restaurant formal or casual?

Love Thai

Recently, City Signs helped create and install a sign for a restaurant in Concord, California called Love Thai. Love Thai serves mouth-watering Thai food. It’s a great place to bring your date to after a long day of sight-seeing the city.

Love Thai chose to go with a beautiful channel letter sign. Channel letter signs are a popular option among business owners because of how creative your graphics can be, the option of illumination and how professional it looks. Love Thai’s sign lets a customer know that they serve Thai food and is a great place to take someone you love.

What are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are signs that are usually made of 3/16th inch acrylic, returns, trim caps and more! At City Signs, we specialize in making beautiful channel letter signs. Channel letter signs are a great way to express your business’s theme since they easily work with graphics. They also help attract customers after the sun sets because of its option to have illumination. Illuminating signs are useful because they let customers know you’re open and ready to serve.

Vinyl Graphics for Love Thai

We also helped create and install vinyl graphics for Love Thai. Vinyl graphics are useful for displaying business hours and labeling the front entry of a business. Vinyl graphics can also cover a whole wall with lovely images if desired.

Services Provided by City Signs

At City Signs, we provide a variety of signs and services like:

  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Capsule Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • FCO Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Panel Signs
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Door Vinyl
  • ADA Signs
  • And more!

What Sign Would Most Benefit your Business?

Deciding on what type of sign to choose for your business is difficult. That’s why at City Signs, we have teams to help guide you in the process. It’s best to choose a sign that suits your building and business circumstances. For example, if illumination is not a high priority for your business, a great sign would be FCOs (flat cut out letters). FCOs are usually made of 1/2-inch acrylic, can be painted a variety of colors and can have graphics displayed on them. Cost efficiency depends on how large the sign is since they are stud mounted, the more letters, the more time it takes to install therefore they are a better option to only display business names. If you’re concerned about having too many holes on your walls, a panel or channel letters on a raceway would be good options. If you plan on switching up your graphics often, a cabinet sign with a panel would better be suited. The panels can be changed as time progresses quite easily. Your assigned project manager and designer at City Signs can make recommendations, if desired.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of the services mentioned, please contact us at (209)229-2220