Concord, CA Interior Wall Signage: Vinyl decals and Acrylic Dimensional letters

There are many different rooms and buildings on college campuses.  From different departments, to different classrooms, to restrooms. All these locations need signage to help the visitors feel more secure where they are at or where they need to be. Having signage will help promote marketing, identification, and more!

The lobby for any department on campus is the most important aspect, being that it is the first impressions your visitors will have on your school.

These signs are important because they deliver the message that you want to portray to your visitors, by reiterating your brand and hat you stand for. We use modern state of the art technology to create a lasting image with your custom lobby sign.

The lobby needs more than just an effective sign though. This area needs navigational signage to aid in efficiency and organization. This includes the signs that tell you where you are, where you can go, and how to get there. We offer directories,wall signs, doors signs, and more to deliver on this goal.

One thing about college campuses is that there is always an event or holiday, or even a guest speaker or visitor to promote. For this temporary signs are very effective. Temporary signs are also very important

We do work for all of the campuses for Unitek College. For this job in Concord, CA we produced and installed 3 sets of acrylic letters and vinyl wall graphics.  For the first set we produced a 12″ x 87″ acrylic letters for the logo, and Unitek College. We used 1/2″ thick acrylic letters painted to match: PMS 631c, 7693c, and stud mounted them flush to the wall. The wall graphics were 131′ x 120″ printed on 180c w/ matte laminate, colors to match: 631c, 369c, 7693c applied to the wall as well. The second set was the same layout, only for

the acrylic letters it reads “Building Better Futures” in the size of 4″ x 15″. The decals on this wall are 61″ x 198″. The third set are acrylic letters only. For this sign we used 1/2″ acrylic for the Unitek College/Logo in the size of 10″  x 72.

for your lobby, because they can also deliver information about upcoming events or fundraisers, or also give information about dates the campuses or classes will be closed.

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