Custom Designed Wall Mural Signs for Offices- Stockton, CA

Those days of grey cubicles and fluorescently-lit, stuffy offices are becoming a thing of the past. An increasing number of offices are taking a page from the office décor design books of platforms such as Facebook and Google, who’ve embraced open office designs, bright décor, and a more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing approach to their offices.

Here at City Signs we have recently worked on a wall mural in Stockton, CA for Schuff Steel. For this wall mural the sign package included wall graphics and also a translucent Dusted Crystal vinyl onto their glass for their conference room. We also fabricated this 1″ Stainless steel logo and flush mounted to the wall with studs and silicone.

Do you believe a customized wall mural may be right for your office? Keep on reading to hear more about the benefits and get some fantastic ideas for your own wall mural.

Benefits of  Customized Office Wall Murals

Wall murals improve morale

For a customer a boring plain, and dull office can make their visit feel like an eternity. Can you imagine having to sit in this office everyday for numerous hours? This can cause you to lose motivation, get sleepy, and even start to dislike your job. Something as simple as adding a customized mural with bold and vibrant colors can really change your perspective along with the attitude and moods in the office. A small change like this to your office can have a huge impact in the customer service your team provides. This method will help improve your teams moral and make waking up early everyday for work more enjoyable and exciting!

Wall murals may take advantage of the power of color theory

It is well documented that various colors affect mood and behavior. In emphasizing various colors using wall-sized murals, it is possible to encourage creativity, balance, excitement, calmness, and much more.

Wall murals assist in reinforcing company branding and identity 

Nurturing and creating a brand identity is an important part of conducting business. Unique murals and additional office décor may go a long way in doing that, both for your visitors and employees. It may assist with creating partnerships, recruiting, and a lot more.

Design and Location: Selecting the Proper Wall Mural for Your Office

Foyers or entryways may be excellent areas for logos, branding, and mission statements that are intended to establish company identity for visitors and new employees. A wall mural allows you to do this in a very memorable way.

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