Modesto, Ca- Custom Illuminated LED Signs for Hanger Clinic

LED signs for businesses or restaurants are a great way to indicate if you are open or closed, in a more easily noticed manner than a traditionally printed sign

. The bright lights of an LED sign reading ‘open’ can be seen from further away than a paper sign, so customers driving by will be enticed into your establishment. What else can you do with an LED sign for a business? Advertise a drive thru, 24-hour availability, all you can eat specials, or other great deals, opening hours, buffets — anything you can think of can be displayed on an LED sign. These signs are dynamic, blinking and moving, changing color, or otherwise adding interest to what would be a basic, static display.

If you have changing specials or other important dining information to advertise, a dynamic LED sign is a great investment. Some LED signs are programmable and changeable, so you can alter the display based on your needs.

We take great pride in our excellent customer service and our high-class products, which are designed to last, even in a high traffic restaurant environment. You can rely on us to provide you the best value for your dollars, because we understand how important signs are to any business.

We were contacted by Hanger Clinic to produce new signage with a new logo for their building. For this sign package we produced 4 sets of Illuminated Channel Letters with FCOs. We removed the existing signs and replaced with the new signs in the size of 33″ x 185″. We used 5“ Deep Black Aluminum Letter Returns with 3/4″ Black Trim Caps.  For the faces we used white acrylic, Printed on 3M Clear w/ Translucent w/ 8518. For the tagline we used ½” Thick FCO’s painted to match each set. Each set was stud mounted flush to the building. All channel letter sets are LED Illuminated with remote power supply. We also produced new tenant faces for the existing monument sign. For these signs we also removed the existing panels and replaced them with new ones. We used router cut new aluminum panels (.063) which were painted to match and backed w/ white Acrylic. These signs were digitally printed on 3M Translucent w/ 8518, with a sand texture texcoat. We also replaced the vinyl on the door, the new vinyl was printed on 40c w/8509.

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