Custom Restaurant Vehicle Graphics for Marketing and Advertising- Modesto,CA

Do you own a restaurant? Does your establishment cater, make deliveries, or offer event concession? These are all great avenues to take advantage of in your marketing campaign. Utilize your vehicles for these services as a mobile advertising outlet.

Vehicle graphics are great for mobile marketing and perfect for around the clock advertisement. If you commute to work any drivers going to or from work, school, morning runs, and even consumers running errands see your vehicle allowing your business to gain much more recognition than if it were to stay in one single spot. Even running errands yourself, driving your company vehicle can target new potential guests.

Your business will continue to gain recognition even as your vehicle remains parked day or night. Cars driving by or even consumers walking past will notice your graphics and keep you in mind the next time they are looking for a bite to eat.  Vehicle graphics can be of great value and a wonderful asset  for any company giving you great benefits while your on the go.

Vehicle graphics look stunning, partly because they are molded to the contours of your vehicle. We do a professional job so that the vehicle graphics look stunning every time. They are like a second skin for a vehicle. Just like a second skin, they protect the vehicle from the elements, which is a secondary benefit of having us install a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic to your car or van.

Some important information you might want to include on your vehicle graphics may be your exact location for customers to pay you a visit, hours of operation, and company logos and branding. Links such as social media or promotional codes will also be beneficial for creating more website and foot traffic.

One of the most recent vehicle graphics project we have worked on was for our customer Mango Crazy. Downtown Modesto, CA has just recently opened up a food truck court located on the corner of 9th and G Street called Grub Hubs where any workers, families, and group of friends can go to and enjoy a bite to eat with a variety of options. For the Mango Crazy Trailer we used a digitally printed cut vinyl showcasing their branding, logos, and menu items. We also utilized acrylic for the fabrication of their branding located on the top of their servicing windows. It was a real pleasure to help be a part of the creation of these graphics along with the installation process.

Ready for a Change?

Removing vehicle graphics is a simple process and does not damage your vehicle. This means that you can remove or replace your vehicle graphics whenever you like, delivering different messages at different times of the year, according to your menu and the season.

Are you interested in learning more about vehicle wraps and graphics for restaurants? Give our office a call today at 209.229.2220.