Custom sign repair & Maintenance for Your Marketing Tools and More

An effective sign package works best at incorporating the best of your logo and design to create a lasting image for your business. However, this will only be effective if your signs are in good condition! With a high impact visual statement, you will increase the awareness of your brand in your community, but a sign that is aging or has damaged parts with some lights out is not beneficial to your business at all. This is where we can come in and help you!

As important it is as choosing the best sign for your business, it is just as important as keeping it maintenanced and repaired. We provide many services for these goals such as: sign face repair, structure repair, LED wiring repair, sign cleaning, bulb/lamp replacement, weather resistance addition, image/logo replacement, color updating, and many more!

A perfect scenario is to imagine driving down the road. You are hungry for a hamburger and there are two restaurants on either side of you. One restaurant has a very appealing,

crisp sign with very legible lighting and t

he other is faded and unclear as to what the name of the business is. Which restaurant would you choose to go to? The answer is clear, if a business has a professional sign they must provide professional services. Don’t let this be a reason for your marketing campaign or business coming up short! this will also help in preventing the need of sign replacement sooner than needed. Would you like to speak with our experts directly to schedule your free consultation? Give us a call today at 209.229.2220