Davis, CA – Channel Letter Sign and Vinyl Graphics for Businesses

Do you have a business in the city Davis, California? Are you looking for a company to provide you a beautiful sign, fantastic vinyl and great service? City Signs is the company for you!

At City Signs, we create signs and provide installation services in different locations in California. Recently, we created and installed signs and vinyl in Davis, CA for the business Club Pilates.

Club Pilates provides Pilates classes all over the U.S. to help you keep fit and healthy.

City Signs with Club Pilates in Davis, CA

Building Sign

The image above illustrates the sign we created and installed for Club Pilates. This type of sign is referred to as Channel Letters. Channel Letters are signs that pop out to potential customers. They can also provide the option to illuminate at night. Please be aware that for signs to illuminate, the building must be equipped with the necessary electrical components. Sometimes adding a raceway can help to illuminate your desired sign. At City Signs, before creating a sign, we do a survey for your building to get the measurements of the frontage (the amount of wall space that a sign can fit), check if the building is suitable for illuminating signs and more.

Vinyl Graphics

City Signs also provided the exterior and interior vinyl graphics. Vinyl is very useful to show your store hours and days on your glass doors and windows. It can also be used to show off artwork on walls.

The vinyl above shows Club Pilates’ store hours and website. Vinyl on your exterior walls lets information get displayed at all times of the day. At City Signs, you’re given a variety of vinyl designs and colors to choose from.

The image above shows vinyl graphics installed by City Signs. The graphics help Club Pilates set the tone for their business, showing adventure and fitness. The minute a customer walks in the building, they understand the branding of Club Pilates.

City Signs also provides vinyl to make glass less see through. This vinyl can be used in a decorative way or to cover the whole glass. It gives the wall a more professional look as well.

Other Services

City Signs provides a variety of services:

  • Design assistance
  • Sign Repair
  • Sign Removal
  • Installation of existing signs


If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please contact us at (209)229-2220