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Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs may be one of the most versatile and professional looking category of signs that we offer. They come in various depths, sizes and finishes and can be installed almost anywhere to give your location a professional, high quality look.

Examples of where you would use a dimensional sign

With a great range of sizes, depths and finished, dimensional signs can be used almost anywhere. Some examples of great locations for dimensional signs include lobby entrance signs, interior hallway or office signage, exterior building signage, building address numbers, and so much more. For more examples of how our customers are using dimensional signs, please look at the photo gallery below.

How long do dimensional signs last?

Dimensional signs are typically made from one of two different types of materials: Acrylic or Metal.

Our handcrafted metal dimensional letters and logos create a look that is both classic and sophisticated. Metal dimensional signs are created from bronze, aluminum or stainless steel to create beautiful sign that will endure for decades.

Our high performance acrylic dimensional signs offer us the ability to create signs in an almost infinite degree of possibilities. High performance sign grade acrylic is a more economical way to create a dimensional sign that will both look great and last for years.

Can a dimensional sign be illuminated?

Some dimensional signs can be illuminated from the inside when backed with wireway. The LED’s are placed on the inside of the wireway which allows the light to shine through white acrylic dimensional letters.

Of course, any sign can be illuminated from the outside using decorative lighting.

What are the depths of a dimensional sign?

Dimensional signage can be made from material ranging from 1/8″ thick to 1″ thick. The thickness that is best for you will be determined by your specific needs and the size of the sign you are needing. We can help you determine the size of sign you need and the dimension of your sign.

Dimensional Signs Can also be made thicker when fabricated out of aluminum sheeting. The panels are cut and welded together to form letters and logos that are much larger than flat cut material, but also lighter than they would be if made out of solid material.