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Directory Signs

Directory signs are an integral part many businesses. Whether it’s an office that needs a wayfinding solution for a single building, or a business park that needs directory signage for the whole complex, City Signs is here to help.

Do I need a directory sign?

You may need a directory sign if you have a building with many offices in it. Also, directory signs are needed in business parks with many suites. Anytime a customer comes to a location with many businesses, it’s a good idea to have a directory sign at each entrance of the building or business park to guide customers where they want to go.

Are directory signs effective?

Yes, directory signs are a great way to guide customers to their intended destination. A well designed directory sign can solve many of your wayfinding needs in one sign, which can save money benefit your business.

Are there different types of directory signs?

Yes, directory signs can be made in many different ways to meet specific installation or location requirements, or simply to meet a specific budget. They can be relatively simple, with simple graphics and standard materials, or they can be elaborately designed with high quality materials and graphical elements that stand out and provide the end user with not just wayfinding, but an experience that matches your brand.