Freestanding Wooden Sign Faces on Posts in Turlock, CA

Customer:  CSU Stanislaus
Location:  Turlock, California
Project:  Custom MDO Panel Sign Mounted on Wooden Posts

csus turlock billboard sign 002Wooden signs are incredibly versatile, and cost effective, and are great for customers looking to grab attention from traffic that may be passing by. Typical wooden signs are made from MDO panels (Medium density overlay panels). MDO panel, is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. Printed or cut vinyl is applied to the MDO panel and then installed at location on wooden posts that are placed in the ground.

Recently, City Signs installed a great MDO sign at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA. The sign is made up of 5 individual MDO panels mounted onto four wooden posts to create a total size of 12 feet tall by 12 feet wide. The sign was printed on quality 3M material and will be modified in the future to show the current amount of money that has been raised for their event. The sign is clean and professional and makes a great impression on traffic that may be walking or driving by.

Interested in the possibility of using a MDO sign? Please give us a call at City Signs today [209.549.2412] and we can give you more details and information about the best sign option for you!