Fresno, CA – Dimensional Letters for Partners Personnel

Partners Personnel are local specialists in recruitment. This was proved to us recently when they recruited us to design and install a new business sign for their premises. They were looking for something that was elegant and yet stood out from the crowd. It also had to mirror their branding precisely. Partners Personnel have opened several offices in California over the past few years and want to present a consistent look.

The folks at Partners Personnel were delighted with the sign we delivered. They’ve since bookmarked our website in anticipation of making further orders. Partners Personnel have made a name for themselves in the competitive field of recruitment. They’re known for finding the right candidate for their clients. And they’ve done this by pursuing only the most ethical routes to commercial success. They win a lot of return business.

After visiting the site, we had no hesitation in recommending a dimensional letters sign. The Partners Personnel brand uses a serif font, which can be tricky to cut in some materials like metal. We suggested using a ¾” thick acrylic, which would add depth to the plain but elegant stone fascia. We could also router-cut the letters with precision. To create an added air of sophistication, we airbrushed the letters in Duranodic bronze. This anodized finish is extremely robust. After all, even California isn’t immune to rain. Our certified sign installers mounted the dimensional letters flush to the fascia wall using studs.

The client is amazed at how elegant their new business sign looks. We’re pleased too. Duranodic bronze anodized letters look metallic, and yet they cost far less and are easier to clean. When rays from that Californian sun strike the sign, those letters really zing. We produce signs with champagne and black Duranodic finishes too. And we can supply other special anodized finishes in colors as diverse as tomato red, jade, and gold. Whatever your brand needs, we can be sure to deliver the right finish for you.

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