Frosted Privacy Vinyl for Rabobank in Modesto, CA

Customer: Rabobank
Location: Modesto, California
Project: Frosted Window Vinyl

rabobank pelandale vinyal install 003 Frosted window vinyl is the very definition of multipurpose – fulfilling the need for privacy while also providing a decorative element to the window. Frosted vinyl is a 2 mil vinyl which is applied to any window to give it a frosted, or etched look, and since the vinyl is cut prior to installation, it can be shaped into almost any design you may need. We typically install frosted vinyl on interior conference room windows to provide privacy and spacial awareness for clear windows or partitions, but frosted vinyl can also be used outdoors.


rabobank pelandale vinyal install 007Recently, City signs installed frosted window vinyl at Rabobank in Modesto, CA. Rabobank needed a simple and elegant solution to provide privacy to their conference rooms. The solution was to install 12″ tall frosted vinyl panels to the windows traversing the entire length of the office. This is a very clean and professional way to create a more secure feeling for customers or employees that need some privacy while working. The signs also look great from the outside looking in, providing a sense of separation between the hallways and the offices.

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