Gustine, CA – Large Wall Signs for Businesses

Gustine, CA – Large Wall Signs for Businesses

Are you starting a business in Gustine, CA? Have you been searching for a sign that would fit your business’s brand and attract customers? City Signs is here to provide all sign services needed for your business.

At City Signs, you’ll have access to designers, manufacturers, permitting specialists, installers and more! You can choose from a variety of services as well.

City Signs in Gustine, CA

If you want to see signs that we helped create at City Signs, look no further than your local stores!

Little Diamond’s Pizza

Little Diamond’s Pizza is a pizza parlor that serves a variety of food that includes, pizza, burgers, calzones and more! The business wanted a sign that stands out to hungry customers day and night. The type of sign that we provided to them is referred to as channel letters. Channel letters are a great option if you want graphics, illumination, and a pop out effect for your sign. Please be advised that illumination is an option depending on your building’s electrical components. At City Signs, before we create a design to present to a business, we survey the building to check for electrical components, measure frontage (the amount of wall space available for a sign) and more.

Coast Hardware

Coast Hardware has a large inventory dedicated to home improvement, repair and more! Coast Hardware also opted for a channel letter set. Channel letter sets are one of the most popular sign options because of it’s nice clean look.

Different Types of Signs Provided by City Signs

Signs are one of the first things that a client notices about a business. It gives the first impression and sets how your client will view your business, potentially for a lifetime. At City Signs, we can help create your sign from beginning to end. Or if you already have a sign but want to make a few changes, we also provide those services.

City Signs most popular signs include:

  • Channel Letters
  • FCOs
  • Monuments
  • Halos
  • Cabinets
  • Posts and Panels
  • And more!

The Process of Getting a Sign


At City Signs, we provide a designer to help create a visual representation of your desired sign. Your designer will be provided information regarding your wall measurements and electrical components. They can recommend a type of sign that best accommodates your building.


Wall signs need to go through the process of permitting with your local city or county. This helps ensures that your sign follows regulations and keeps the public safe. At City Signs, we provide permitting specialists who can help contact city/county officials for you.


Once your sign is approved, it can go to the fabrication and production team. This process brings your dream sign to life. Depending on the type of sign you choose, it can go through welding, prepping, paint, vinyl and more.


At City Signs, we provide installation services. Once your sign is finished in fabrication, our installation will contact you.


 If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please contact us at (209) 229-2220