Illuminated Channel Letters for 9Round in Pleasanton, CA

Customer: 9Round
Location: Pleasanton, California
Project: Illuminated Channel Letters

9round pleasonton install 004Illuminated channel letters are very popular sign choices for customers because of how versatile they are. Channel letters are the large signs you see that are mounted to a building face and they can include individual letters, numbers, and logos. They are ideal for customers seeking a unique, long-lasting sign that can be seen day or night to advertise their business. Channel letters are usually 5 inches deep and can be mounted flush to the wall or mounted away from the wall using spacers. When mounted with spacers, they can then be illuminated through the face or front of the letters. Another option for illumination is halo illuminated, which is where the sign is back lit, giving it a “halo” appearance. Most new channel letter sets are illuminated using LEDs. Some are still made with neon, however, LED has become the new standard for the industry. Channel letters are made in three parts. The front of the letters are called faces, the sides are called returns, and and the trim around the edge that connects the front and sides together is called a trim cap. All three of these pieces can be ordered in a variety of colors. Additionally, the faces can made to have special prints or gradients.

9round pleasonton install 007City Signs recently completed a job for 9Round in Pleasanton, CA. Together with the customer, we created a channel letter set of the company’s logo that also included a tag line box. Their letter set has three different color faces and is mounted flush to the wall of their building suite. The photos to the left show the before and after of the faces being mounted to complete the sign after lighting was installed. LEDs were used for illumination providing minimal electricity usage, making 9Round’s sign not only cost effective but also very attractive day and night.

Is your business interested in the possibility of using illuminated channel letters? Please give us a call at City Signs today [209.549.2412] and we can give you more details and information about the best sign option for you!