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Illuminated Signs

Some signs aid with locating your business, some signs create a lasting impression within the community, and some are there to reinforce your logo and brand. Illuminated signs hit all these goals and more! With the use of high-quality materials, fresh design concepts, and durable installation methods – we can create an investment that exceeds expectations!

What types of signs can be illuminated?

Typically, most exterior building signage is illuminated. This includes channel letters, which can be face lit or halo lit, illuminated cabinets and neon signs. Part of the battle of a physical location is showing customers where you’re located. Having an illuminated sign on your building draws customers to you store as well as reinforcing your brand to the world in a way that makes a statement.

How long do illuminated signs last?

Illuminated signs can last for decades. Our signs are made from aluminum and high grade acrylic, so they won’t rust or degrade over time. The interior illumination is typically done with LED diodes and internal power supplies. These components can wear out over time, but can be replaced with a service call.

If you’re sign is old and the lighting is out, it may be time for a service call. Our team of installation experts have the knowledge and tools to fix your sign and make it light like new again.

Do I need to clean my illuminated sign?

Yes, you should clean your sign as needed. Signs that are exposed to the elements will collect dirt and dust. That collection can block some of the light from your sign and make it look dull or faded. If this is the case for your sign, you should have your sign cleaned to make it shine like new again.

Sign cleaning really should be done by a professional. There are electrical components inside the sign that could be damaged if handled incorrectly. Also, illuminated signs are typically installed quite high off the ground and it can be dangerous to clean them from a ladder. Our installation teams are harnessed into bucket trucks for safety, which allows them easy access to clean illuminated signs.