Informative Signs for Social Distancing & More for Hospitals and Clinics

Are you in the health care field and are open to the public? With so many patients and a limited staff, getting information out can be challenging and time consuming. This is were signs come in to play. Whether your signs inform customers as to where to stand or maximum occupancy at a time, signs are a fast and easy way to get the word out to all of your guests.

Our team can produce signs made out of vinyl for floors, windows, and doors; These are great for either temporary and permanent use. We can also produce more permanent signs made out of sturdy materials such as acrylic or aluminum. Our signs are made to order which is great for customizing each order. You can include your logo, company colors, and any message on these signs for aesthetic purposes as well as for marketing and branding. Because of the ability for personal touches, sizes and shapes can also be customized for each order.

An example of signs we have fabricated is a recent reorder placed by our fantastic and amazing customers at Sutter Memorial Hospital. These signs were custom made to 28″ x 22″ single sided and were produced as a PVC signs to be used as inserts for existing stand alone signs. As we all know in times like these it is important to inform patients and guests as well as remind everyone to practice safe social distancing, these signs do just that as well as help all staff members continue to work without having to constantly be reminding everyone.

Our team has a single objective and that is to provide our customers with the most excellent customer service as possible by delivering essential signs in a promptly manner and not leaving behind quality.

In difficult times it is important to remember that we are all in this together . We should all practice social distancing by working from home, maintain a distance of 6 feet from others, washing our hands as mush as possible, limiting our time in the stores and most importantly be kind to one another.

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