Lathrop, CA – LED Illuminated Channel Letters Signs For Building Fronts

Are you looking for a sign that delivers a powerful marketing punch? Do you want to showcase your brand or information in a way that leaves a lasting impact? Any outdoor signs that you have to market to the public can be elevated with a custom LED display! We understand the necessity to brand your business over competitors, and with the right custom exterior signage, you can leave the lasting brand impression you deserve!

Outdoor LED Benefits

Exterior signage is the first thing the public sees before walking in, it is what delivers your location to customers and guests. In order to make sure your brand is being represented correctly there are a couple factors that you would need to keep in mind. You need to make sure your letting is visible, legible and understandable. LED Illuminated Channel letters are a great way to showcase your business. This option of signage has many options for customization and to make your sign one of a kind. LED Lighting, image design, size variations, stylized lettering, custom size and shapes are just a few option for customizing your sign.

Non Stop Insurance is a insurance company that specializes in Semi Trucks located in Lathrop, CA. For their signage our customer decided to go with an illuminated channel letter set. This sign is made up of aluminum returns with white LED Lighting. This was installed flush mounted to the building. We used acrylic and vinyl to create the color and branding our customer was aiming for.

LED pole signs, marquees, monument signs, and building signs are some options that also play a large part in your marketing.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, we are invested in your complete sign satisfaction. We develop long-lasting options that are successful in gaining attention and leaving a lasting impression. This is accomplished with high-quality products and the latest in sign fabrication equipment and methods. This leaves you with a lasting product that brings you the results you are looking for!

Are you curious about the benefits associated with outdoor LED signs? If so give us a call today at 209.229.2220.