Lincoln, CA – Channel Letter and FCO Wall Signs for Businesses

Lincoln, CA – Channel Letter and FCO Wall Signs for Businesses

Are you trying to start a business in Lincoln, CA? Are you trying to figure out how to get a wall sign for the building you just leased? City Signs is the company to help you start your dream business.

City Signs can help provide a variety of services for your business. We provide design assistance, survey assistance, permitting assistance, sign fabrication and installation. All your sign needs in one place!

City Signs in Lincoln, CA

Recently, City Signs helped design, create, and install a sign in Lincoln, CA.

The image above illustrates a combination of channel letters and FCOs. Channels letters are signs that stand out to customers and let your designs be creative. The logo and “FARMERS” section show how channel letters look like. They also provide the option to illuminate at night. Illuminating signs are great for when the sun sets. They can attract customers day and night! The “INSURANCE” section of the sign is referred as FCOs (flat cut out letters). FCOs can be made of different thickness of acrylic but ½ inch acrylic is the most popular choice.

The picture above shows an underneath view of the sign. You can discuss with your designer about the color of the returns of the channel letters (the sides), as well.

Other Products and Services

At City Signs, you get a variety of signs to choose from, like:

  • Channel Letters
  • FCOs
  • Monuments
  • Cabinets
  • Posts & Panels
  • Banners
  • Directional Signs
  • ADA Signs
  • And more!

City Signs also provides sign related services like:

  • Sign repair
  • Sign removal
  • Sign Installation
  • Car Graphics
  • Vinyl
  • And more!

The Process of Getting a Sign


First, City Signs installers will visit your building to gather information like frontage (amount of wall space for a sign), electrical components and more. This process is important because it lets our designers know what types of signs best suit your building.


Next, the installers will share the information with your assigned designer. Your designer will be able to recommend signs based on the gathered data. For example, business owners will want the option for their sign to illuminate. For that option to be available, the building must be equipped with the necessary electrical components. A designer may suggest a raceway to give a channel letter set the option to illuminate.


After your design is done, your sign will go into permitting. The city and/or county must approve of your designs before we commence fabrication. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist to help you contact city/county officials.


Once your sign is approved by the city/county, it will go into fabrication. Depending on your sign, it might go through welding, prepping and more.


Finally, the installation team will call you once the sign is ready. City Sign installers will head over to your business and install your dream sign.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please contact us at (209)229-2220