Lodi, CA – Local Sign Vendor: New Custom Dimensional Signs for Church Décor

There are many worship centers one can go to, so what makes one stand out from another? A simple answer, Signage! Signage is a great option for curb appeal, displaying information and also wayfinding. First impressions are very important for successful businesses. Ultimately before a new guest gets to experience your services and hospitality they are drawn to your building by the exteriors aesthetics so signage is a great form of long term advertising. There are also a lot more benefits for signage such as displaying information for caution, hours of operation, room IDs and wayfinding’s.

With many options of signs to choose from dimensional signs are perfect for adding a clean, professional look to any space while also adding a pop of color to any interior wall. These signs are also weather resistant which is great for exterior usage! These signs come in many different sizes and depths. There are many many fonts that can be used for these signs, not to mention the color combinations available, we can even work in a logo or shape to the signage!

Building your brand is giving a face for the community to recognize in relation to your name and services. This brand usually combines your logo, slogan, colors, and service standards. The visual representation of your brand is often the first impression made with consumers. This is why it is integral to invest in high-quality pieces that are durable and effective!

Take advantage of our state of the art equipment and expert design team to personalize your wall signs for success. We can alter your standard sign design for the unique branding of your office and space. Some of the details that we can tailor to your goals include:

  • Color Matching Combinations
  • Stylized Lettering
  • Size and Shape
  • Image Relation
  • LED Wiring
  • And More!

We have been working closely with The Home Church located on North West Ln Lodi, CA. This sign package included a variety of different signs some for the interior and some for exterior. These dimensional letter sets were fabricated using 1/2″ thick acrylic and painted black with a matte finish. The sizes of these letters all variety and were determined by the dimensions of the walls.

Our mission is to ensure that the sign package we produce compliments your marketing expectations using high quality, lasting materials that guarantees success. We believe there is more to a custom sign and graphics company than just the products we provide, but also want to provide excellent customer service throughout our entire process.

If you are interested in learning more about the sign option we have to offer give us a call at 209.229.2220 today!