Los Banos – Exterior Signs for Businesses

Do you live in Los Banos and recently started a business? Have you been searching for a way to get a sign for your building to bring customers to your company? Worry no more! City Signs can help with the creation and installation of your sign. You can see a few signs that we helped create as you pass by Los Banos.

At City Signs, we can create a variety of signs like:

  • Channel Letters
  • FCOs
  • Monuments
  • Cabinets
  • ADA Signs
  • And more!

Examples of City Signs in Los Banos

Village Sports – Channel Letters on a Raceway

Village Sports

Village Sports is a clothing and sports accessories store. Their sign reflects a cool and extreme tone by slanting the font of their sign. This style of sign is referred to as channel letters on a raceway. The letters “Village Sports” are the channel letters, and the raceway is the line behind them. Raceways are useful for signs that want to illuminate at night but have limited electrical components in their buildings. There are times where a building’s wall can not illuminate with or without a raceway.

West Coast Martial Arts Association – Capsule

West Coast Martial Arts

The sign above illustrates a capsule. West Coast Martial Arts Association chose this beautiful design because it shows off their logo, name and includes space for a description. A capsule helps signs that want to add more words in their sign but don’t want to use a lot of wall space for channel letters. They are extremely useful if you want to add a small description.

Quickly – Channel Letters without Raceway


Quickly is a business that sells a variety of boba drinks. Their sign is an example of channel letters without a raceway. Their building allows for the option to have individual channel letters to illuminate. To check if your sign would illuminate without a raceway, a survey by the City Signs installation team can help.

Other Services

City Signs also provides sign repair services. If your sign is not illuminating or is fading due to time, City Signs can be of help. Or if you want to keep the size and font of the sign but change the color, City Signs can also provide that service.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please call us at (209)229-2220