Manteca, CA – Local Sign Company: Wayfinding Signs for Parking in Local Hospital

Signs are everywhere we go, some of the most important signs are informative street signs. These signs include Yield signs, Stop signs, Merging lane signs, and even parking signs to name a few. Without these signs there would be no order, traffic left and right and even a lot more accidents then there are today. It is important to display these signs somewhere visible so the law can be enforced and obeyed.

With over 24 years in the sign industry our team has worked on countless numbers of street signs from producing to installing. Whether your business is a restaurant, shopping center, or hospital we are here to help. Now more then ever parking signs are becoming more and more popular. Parking signs help tremendously in these times, for examples:

  • Shopping stores who offer curbside pick up can utilize these signs to save parking spaces for customers.
  • Hair stylists can display there phone numbers on signs in front of parking spaces for clients to text when they have arrived.
  • Parking signs have also been incredibly helpful throughout the years for reserving parking spaces and displaying handicap parking!

We have recently had the opportunity to work on new parking signs for Kaiser Hospital located in Manteca, CA. For this order our team fabricated the new signs out of an aluminum panel measuring at 24″ x 18″ each with a vinyl overlay applied to the surface. We also provided new poles and installed them into the ground with concrete. Just like these signs we have working on many others displaying need to know information.

These signs are very customizable from the design being displayed to the materials being used, there are even many different poles to choose from!

Our talented design team works with you on designing your parking signs. We offer custom generic parking signs or personalized signs where you can add your company logo for marketing and adverting at any size desired! Parking signs do not necessarily need to be installed onto a pole, often times customers choose to install these sign on the buildings, fences, or walls. Our professional install team can help install new poles into the ground or even utilize the existing poles and only replace the panel. Whatever the case may be we are here to help!

If you would like to learn more about signs we offer and services we provide, give our team a call today at 209.229.2220! We look forward to working with you all on your sign for success.