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The design of a sign is highly impactful in one’s business. It is usually the first impression a client and/or customer sees about your organization. First impressions can make or break your business. If a client sees an unflattering sign when they see your business for the first time, it could convince them to never return.

But no worries! At City Signs, we have a professional team of designers that could assist you in creating a pleasant and eye-catching design. They will help you in designing a sign that lures in customers and leaves a lasting impression. There are different types of signs like channel letters, flat cut outs, monuments and many more. Our designers will guide you in which type of sign would best fit your building and surrounding areas. City Signs also provides a variety of colors to make your sign look colorful or sleek (depending on your preferences).

Keller Williams in Manteca, CA


The sign illustrated above is an example of illuminated channel letters on a raceway that City Sign designers help create for Keller Williams in Manteca, CA. Keller Williams is a realty franchise that assist homebuyers and sellers. Channel letter signs are signs that are usually made of acrylic faces (the front of the sign that shows the wording), trim caps and aluminum letter backs. Keller William’s sign also has a raceway. Raceways help hold the electrical components of the sign that make it illuminate.

Acrylic Flat Cut Out Letters at Stanislaus County Office of Education

As mentioned before, there are many types of signs that you can choose from. The image for Stanislaus County are flat cut out(FCOs) letters. FCO letters are usually made of acrylic and can be used for exterior signs as well.

City Signs also offers sign repair services. For repairs, signs do not have to be made by City Signs. If there is a sign in need, we will assist in the fixture and/or removal of the signs. We repair channel letters, FCOs, monuments, illumination (regarding signs only), vinyl and more.

Before repair
After repair

The pictures above are of a repair of a monument we did in Modesto, CA. Part of the monument was left exposed, we created the missing portion and had a color match. City Signs will assist in any sign emergency that you have.

Our team of professional designers and repairers at City Signs are here to help create a design adjusted and suited to your liking and repair any signs that are showing wear and tear. If you’re interested in any of the services mentioned or have any questions, please call City Signs at 209.229.2220