Manteca, CA – Way-Finding Signs & Directionals for Hospitals & Large Facilities

Large Facilities such as hospitals, movie theaters, building complexes, and even shopping centers can be very hard to find your way around causing your clients, visitors, guests and employees to become frustrated and take out their frustration on staff members. The interior of the building most of the time have ways to find the department or room you are searching for but what about your parking area? What if we said their was a simple solution to this problem? Way-finding signs and directional signs!

Way finding signs as well as directional signs serve one purpose, and that is to help navigate guests through out the building. With large facilities such as these, displaying signs in your parking area can eliminate your customers feeling stressed out right before their appointments. These signs will also allow your customers to park near the correct entrance closest to the department they are needing to be at and can also be ideal for finding the exit as well!

Way finding signs must be legible to drivers, this means picking the correct font, color, and size is crucial. Even though there are many certain recommended specifics for the aesthetics of these signs there are many color combinations and fonts you can chose from to make your sign custom and just right for your business. You could include your company logo, business name or any installations to promote your business and help with marking.

A great example of professional, legible, and custom made directional signs are signs we have recently fabricated for Kaiser Hospital in Manteca, CA. The colors utilized were chosen by our customer and their staff to aesthetically fit their building decor. These signs are fabricated out of aluminum and were painted to match a dark grey. The text for the signs are made out of vinyl that is individually cut and applied directly over the panels. The signs were mounted onto existing poles with screw and bolts.

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