Menu for Hauck’s Grill in Turlock, CA

Customer: Hauck’s Grill
Location: Turlock, California
Project: Menu Sign

Menu signage is very typical and comes in many shapes and forms, and constructed in many different ways. Very simple menu signs could be made from aluminum, PVC, or Polymetal, with either cut or printed vinyl applied 1st surface, depending on the complexity of the graphics. More complex menu signs, like this one for Hauck’s Grill in Turlock, can have many different elements, including illuminated logos.

Having a menu sign is almost mandatory for any restaurant. Not only do menu’s convey information on the types and prices of foods available, but they can also help contribute to the look and feel of a restaurant, adding to the customer experience which can bring people back another day. You can see how the choices you make concerning your menus and menu signage are important ones that can affect your business. These choices should be handled with the cooperation of a professional designer and sign maker for best results.

IMG_4109For this particular project, City Signs helped Hauck’s Grill with their interior menu sign. It was constructed mostly out of aluminum, which was then painted to match colors that the customer provided. Cut vinyl overlays were then applied to the painted aluminum. The bottom of the sign was painted with chalk board paint so the customer can write daily specials on the sign itself, and Exposed neon was made and attached to the sign. Our installation crew installed the sign in the restaurant and the job was finished. We are very happy with the result.

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