Merced, CA – Channel Letter Signs for Local Businesses

Merced is a rising city with new commercial and residential real estate. If you’re starting a new business in Merced, City Signs can help with all your sign needs.

At City Signs, we provide:

  • Channel Letter Signs
  • FCO Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Post and Panel Signs
  • ADA Signs
  • Car Graphics
  • Decals
  • Wall Graphics
  • And more!

Exit Home Realty – Merced, CA

Recently, we went out to Merced, CA to install some Channel Letter signs for Exit Home Realty. Exit Home Realty is a real estate company that opened in 1996 and is now expanding to new places.

Exit Home Realty requested for two beautiful illuminating channel letter sets for their building in Merced and City Signs delivered. Exit Home Realty chose to have one sign in the front and one sign in the back of the building.

Channel Letter sets are great signs if you want to be creative and eye-catching. If your building is equipped with the correct electrical components, it has the option of illuminating at night. Illuminating signs are super useful, especially during the fall and winter seasons since the sun sets earlier in the day. It lets clients know that a business is still open and makes it easier to find when it’s dark.

Other Signs in Merced by City Signs

If you’d like to see more examples of signs by City Signs, look no further!

Another sign by City Signs is for Rowans’ Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dental Implants. The sign above is referred to as FCOs. FCOs stand for flat cut out letters and are usually made of ½” thick acrylic. FCOs can be painted to your desired color or have graphics placed on them to show off a logo. They are great option if you want a sign that’s cost-efficient and effective. However, they do not provide the option for illumination.

How To Get a Sign


First, a City Signs team will go to your building to gather information like electrical components, frontage measurements (the amount of wall space available for a sign) and more. This information is very important because it allows us to make the best recommendations for your sign.


Next, a City Signs designer will make a design based on your description and gathered information from the survey. If your sign is not equipped with the correct electrical components or they are placed at a different area, they may suggest a raceway with your sign or illumination will not be possible.


Exterior wall signs require city and/or country permits. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist who can help guide you about the permit process and talk with city/county officials on your behalf.


After your sign is approved in permitting, it can start in the fabrication/production department. This process can vary depending on the sign. It can include routing, lighting, paint, welding and more.


Once your sign is finished in fabrication/production, it’s ready for installation. The City Signs installation team will reach out to you and explain everything needed to prepare for installation. A date will be provided, and your sign will be catching the eyes of many future clients!


If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please contact us at (209)229-2220