Merced, CA – City Signs In A City Near You

Merced is a city about 40 miles away from City Signs. You can see examples of City Signs all around the city. City Signs goes above and beyond to ensure that your business has a beautiful sign.


A sign we helped create was the sign for STEVEN M. ROWAN, DMD INC. The sign is an example of flat cut out letters (FCOs). Flat cut out letters are signs that are usually made of acrylic and then cut to the desired shape. After cutting it to the desired shape, they get prepped for paint. City Sign painters have professional experience and take pride in their artwork. Lastly, the sign goes through quality control.

An additional FCO project that we made in Merced is the AIDA F. ESUETA NP-C of the sign above. We also helped remove existing FCOs for this sign. At City Signs we can assist in making signs, installing signs and removing signs.

Another sign we helped make was Cold Stone Creamery’s sign. Their sign is referred as halo illuminated letters on wireway. This means that the sign has lighting coming from the back thus giving the “halo” effect. The wireway refers to the black rectangular part of the sign. This type of sign takes longer to make than FCOs because it requires welding and LED set up. The LEDs are used to give the sign it’s bright illumination at night. Illumination helps a business stand out and attracts customers.

The Steps For Getting A Sign For Your Business


First, communicate with your City Signs designer about how you want your sign to look like. City Signs designers have years of experience in customer service and design. They can help make your dream sign closer to reality. They have knowledge about different types of signs and can recommend a type of sign for your business. If you already have a design in mind, they can adjust it for you to fit city and/or county regulations.


Next, your design needs to be evaluated and approved by the county and/or city. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist who will assist with your permit application. They will communicate with the county and city officials for you. Once your sign is permitted, it can enter fabrication and/or production.

Fabrication and Production

After permits are approved, your sign can become reality. Depending on your sign, it can go through many phases like channeling, prepping, build, wiring, paint, vinyl and quality control. All these steps help with providing you with a great sign!


City Signs also has a professional team of installers. They’re quick and efficient.


If you’re interested in any of these service or have any questions, please contact us at (209)229-2220