Modesto, CA – Cabinet Signs for Local Businesses

Cabinet signs are large and can help clients find places around your business. City Signs has helped created beautiful cabinet signs around the central valley.


An example of a sign we created at City Signs is Tower Health & Wellness Center’s double sided illuminated cabinet with routed aluminum faces. The sign gives the impression of health and wealth. It has a beautiful solid matte color. The sign was carefully welded to the desired shape. It is also illuminated by LED lights. At City Signs, all illuminated signs are ULed.

Another sign we did at City Signs is the cabinet sign for Colony Park at Ceres. The signs helps people find their desired location.

How To Get A Cabinet Sign


First, City Sign designers will help you design your sign. They have professional experience in customer service and design.

At City Signs, we have different types of signs like:

Your designer will help guide you on what sign would benefit your situation the most.


Next, the sign needs to get permitted by the county. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist that will contact county officials for you and ensure that your sign gets permitted.

Fabrication and Production

Afterwards, your sign gets sent to fabrication and production. In these departments, your sign comes to life. Cabinet signs usually go through many phases like, routing, welding, wiring, paint, vinyl and quality control. All these steps help ensure that your sign gets built with great and comes out looking like masterpiece.


Lastly, the install team will get into contact with you. They will provide the day your sign will be getting installed and guide you through the process of installation. City Sign installers are professional and quick.


If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact us at (209) 229 – 2220