Modesto, Ca- ADA Signage for Sutter Gould Medical Foundation

When you have a business, one of the most important things on your mind is keeping the tenants in place and doing your part to ensure that their customers are happy. It is also important to protect your investment from lawsuits. Properly placed and well-lit signs that are in compliance with all rules and regulations are imperative to make sure you are protected.

The first signage to consider is for customers or tenants who need wheelchair access. This includes signs not only in your parking lot but throughout the building. Signs that designate wheel-chair accessible parking spots, as well as wheelchair accessible parking spots for vans, are a must-have for the exterior of your business. Having a wheelchair ramp is a given but also marking the ramp as wheelchair accessible is important as well.

One of the companies we work with is Sutter Gould Medical Center. We have done a lot of the directory signage for many different locations. Along with directional signs we’ve also done many of the restroom signs. It is very important for this facility to ensure the safety for the patients, visitors, and employees. One way we help in doing so doing is by our guarantee that each sign is compliant with California’s ADA regulations. For these signs we use 3/16” Clear/Matte acrylic with 1/16” continuous 45 degree chamfered edge. The sub-surface is painted, with tactile lettering with raised braille.