Modesto, Ca- Attached Signs for Datapath

If you are opening a business in the downtown area of your town and you’re wondering what type of sign to use. Why not consider an attached sign? Attached signs can be used for just about any venue and look great in smaller settings as well as in large multi-business complexes.

If you already have a great business sign but are looking for something to boost your presence among other storefront businesses, attached signs are the way to go. No two signs look alike as every one is sized to fit the area where they will be installed, and are always customized to fit your style and brand.

Choose from a variety of color combinations, stylized fonts, styles, and borders that will get your business the attention it deserves. Attached signs are also a great way to improve the look of any downtown area. They can give it a most charming, old-town effect and the options for attached signs are endless.

We recently did a job for Datapath located in Modesto. We removed their existing channel letters & address numbers, patched & painted, and then installed the new signage. We produced a flag mounted illuminated sign, mounted on side of building on a concrete column. We produced a 95 1/2″ x 24″ fabricated aluminum sign with, router cut faces and push thrus. The faces were backed w/ Clear acrylic. Vinyl colors: 3630-70 Diffuser film, 3M 3636-222 Dual Color Black Perforated. The cabinet was made w/ vertical grain brushed aluminum faces, and the edges were painted Metallic Silver.  We installed this sign with internal mounting plates/brackets  with white LED illumination.

We  also produced and installed 5″ Deep LED Illuminated Wall Mount Pan Channel Letters. For this sign we used 5“ Deep, aluminum letter returns painted to match: Metallic Silver with 3/4″ Metallic Silver trim cap. White Acrylic faces w/ vinyl overlays in the colors: 3M 3630-196 Forest Green. This sign was also LED Illuminated and was flush mounted with remote Power Supply.

Signs are your billboard to the world and you want to get yours exactly right. Contact us today to learn about your options for a new sign for your business at 209.229.2220