Modesto, CA – Bronze Dedication Plaque for Stanislaus County

This year, we met with a new client. Stanislaus County in Modesto, CA wanted to have a Memorial Plaque made. We determined with them that a Bronze Dedication Plaque best matched their needs. They agreed that it was a great fit and so we got started.

As you can see in the picture, the finished product turned out well. The beautiful nature scene, with the stately tree, featured prominently, is a visually stunning backdrop for the poem the team chose to be included. The finished piece was attached to the concrete pillar as if the two were made for each other.

Stanislaus County wants you to know that their “mission is to serve the community through public and private partnerships that promote public health, safety, welfare and the local economy in an efficient, cost-effective manner.” You can visit them online at for more information on the county and the programs it provides.

For this particular bronze dedication plaque, we featured a sand background with a Random Orb surface and the piece was blind-mounted with standard studs. We enjoy using a blind mount because it offers up such a clean looking sign on the surface. The edges were 3-4” deep cast and painted. We decided to use a 1315-Dark oxide that we painted with a matte clear coat.

This project turned out exactly as we expected. We can make a one-of-a-kind personalized dedication or memorial plaque for you, too. We can also make personalized signs for inside and out, as well as personalized graphics for your vehicles. Maybe you are looking to give a gift to a local town or county and you want to have the occasion forever remembered with a dedication plaque. Maybe you have had something such as a bench or tree donated to your place of business and you wish to thank the sponsor in perpetuity. If so, a personalized plaque recognizing the sponsors is a great way to show your appreciation.

Call us today and we can show you all of the different ways a dedication plaque or personalized sign can be made so that it is ideal for you. Call us directly by dialing 209-222-2220 or visit us on our website at