Modesto, Ca – Central Valley Automotive for Vehicle Graphics

With the latest print technology, you can transform one or more of your vehicles into your mobile billboard for all to see. By using vehicle graphics, you will be taking your business to a whole new level with new impressions during each drive. Why not try one of today’s most effective forms of advertising? Mobile advertising!

Pedestrians, drivers, and passengers will see your vehicle graphics while driving, at stoplights, at stop signs, or when you’re parked in a parking lot or at your business. Those vibrant and crisp colors and graphics will let everyone know you’re in business. For local advertising, vehicle graphics are difficult to beat!

We’ve done auto decals for quite a few of the vehicles for Central Valley Automotive. The most recent vehicle graphics job we worked on a was to advertise a promotional raffle that they were having, with a few local sponsors. For this, we produced and installed vehicle graphics along with the sponsors’ logos that were printed on 180c w/ 8518.

Vehicle graphics can be as small or large on your vehicle as you choose; we know what works best, so let our design team talk to you about how to reach customers the right way. Fleet graphics, vehicle graphics, decals, magnets, and more. We have all the mobile marketing products for your needs! Are you interested in learning more about the vehicle 

graphics, wraps, and decals for your goals? Give us a call today at 209.229.2220.