Modesto, CA – Channel Letters For Businesses

Channel Letters are signs that pop out to a customer. They add professionalism and allow your business to be creative. Channel letter signs can come in different colors and sizes.


Channel Letter Set for “All Valley Pool and Spa” in Oakdale

The beautiful sign above is a channel letter set with a capsule. A capsule allows for small lettering along with your channel letters. When going the channel letter set route, capsules are great for subtitles.

Channel Letter Set on a Raceway for “Lupita’s” in Modesto

Depending on your building, your channel letter set sign might need to be placed on a raceway. Raceways are useful if your building’s electrical components are not behind the area of where your future sign will be. They help hide and protect the wires of the sign. If the area of where you want your sign does have easy accessibility, a raceway is not required.


Channel letter signs are a great option if you want a sign that illuminates. An illuminating sign can capture a client’s attention when it’s late at night.


Illuminating Channel Letter for “Bark” in Modesto

The image above illustrates an illuminating channel letter set for the business, BARK. BARK’s sign stands out at night and can attract clients that want play time for their dogs.

Another sign that we created that illuminates is “Ritzy Ragz & Things”. The beautiful sign uses bright colors and illumination to capture the attention of potential clients.

How to Get a Channel Letter Set Sign


First, a City Signs designer will be added to your project team. Your designer can help guide you in a design that would best benefit your business. At City Signs, we offer multiple options besides channel letters. We have FCOs (flat cut out letters), panels, halos, monuments and more!


After a design is made, it’s best to ensure your sign is approved by the city and/or county. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist that can help contact officials for you. Sometimes, a design has to be revised to fit county and/or city regulations.

Fabrication and/or Permits

Next, your design will enter production and fabrication. This can consists of multiple steps depending on your sign like prep, vinyl, channeling, building and more.


Finally, the install team will contact you when your sign is finished in fabrication. Depending on the location of your sign, a representative of your business will need to be present to ensure it’s installed in the desired locations.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please contact us at 209.229.2220.