Modesto, CA – Custom ADA Signs for Medical Offices and Hospitals

Clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, and any medical office in general are some of those locations people hate but at the same time need to go to. The convenience of finding everything you need in one location is hard to beat, but with so many medical offices and doctor offices it can get a bit overwhelming for any new patient and even guests. Those with disabilities feel this tenfold, as these locations can be harder to navigate and understand. A custom ADA sign package is the best bet for keeping all of your patients comfortable in your local medical office buildings.

ADA Signs are always requirements when you own a building that is opened to the public under the law of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This law protects those with disability’s from lack of information by displaying emergency exits, room numbers, restroom signs all in specific ways for easy access for those in wheelchairs, blind or deaf patients, and other disabled public.  The specification include:

  • Height Requirements for Sign Installation
  • Color Contrast
  • Grade 2 Braille
  • Locations for Placement


Restroom signs, entrance and exit signs, stairway and elevators, way-findings, and much more are all examples of ADA signs that we specialize on. Although ADA signs are required they do not need to be boring, plain, and all look the same. We can create a custom ADA sign package that fits your business aesthetic and branding image. We can utilize different color concepts and combinations, logos and images, and also incorporate LED illumination for around the clock visibility.

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