Modesto, CA Custom Illuminated Channel Letter Signs for local Construction Company

Custom signs are the face of any brand. They incorporate the best of your logo and designs to create a lasting image of your business. Our team understands the importance of this goal and strives to provide the highest quality solutions to your marketing needs. From the consultation to the installation, we have your back!

Some exterior signs aid with locating your business, some signs create a lasting impression within the community, and some are there to reinforce your logo and brand. The channel letter sign hits all these goals and more! With the use of high-quality materials, fresh design concepts, and durable installation methods – we can create an investment that exceeds expectations!

Some of the businesses that see the most results from this type of product include: restaurants, retail outlets, shopping malls, grocery stores, medical complexes, and more!

Half the battle to get new consumers through your doors begins with lackluster marketing.  Custom details will be what you need to have in order to leave a lasting impression within your community. Utilize your existing aesthetic, color matching technology, LED wiring, and even stud mounting for that special detail that gets your sign noticed!

We recently worked with Golden State Construction on their new signage for their new building located in Modesto, CA. For this sign package we produced and installed a channel letter set, vinyl decals for each suite, and acrylic address signage. For the main sign we used black 5” deep aluminum returns and 3/4” trim caps. For the faces we used white acrylic faces w/ vinyl overlays. We also used White LED Illumination with internal power supplies and mounted flush to wall. We also produced vinyl decals for the doors to indicate each suite number along with an acrylic sign for the address number 
For the 17″ tall address sign we used 1/2” acrylic routed to shape. We painted the letters white and also mounted them flush to the building.

Getting your customers through the doors is only half the battle to get new customers through your doors. In order to leave a lasting impression in your community you will need custom details. Color matching, LED wiring, and utilizing your existing aesthetic and the mounting all contribute to the special detailing to get your sign noticed.

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